Glass Needles & Goose Quills: Elementary Lessons in Atomic Properties, Nuclear Families & Radical Poetics
Haley's, july 2017

"Lissa Kiernan’s Glass Needles & Goose Quill is a brilliant book of bearing witness—to the death of a beloved father, to the environmental catastrophes of our times, and to the relation of body and landscape. Endlessly formally inventive, Kiernan juxtaposes nuclear plant industry reports, newspaper accounts, and texts on poetics with her own poems and prose. Fearless and unflinching, this hybrid collection is both documentary and deeply personal. This book demands our attention."
-Nicole Cooley, author of Breach 

Two Faint Lines in the Violet
Negative Capability Press, 2014

"Kiernan's sonic variation is keen and her palette complex in this, her debut book of poetry, the title of which comes from Marie Curie's visual accounting of beauty and power hidden from the naked eye."
-Judith Vollmer, Women's Review of Books

"Kiernan's book is ahead of its time, a tragic and lucid banner leading us into the 21st century when poets will increasingly be called on to remind us that we are human animals whose fate is held in the earth."
-Annie Finch, Ph.D.

"Her poems are sensational, which is to say sophisticated, darkly funny, inventively shaped, and full of tremendous tensions between the said and unsaid."
--Jeanne Marie Beaumont